What is your role?

I've recently been thinking about the role(s) of a founder. More specifically, as a solo founder, what role am I going to take?

It's helpful to consider the extremes.

At 0% delegation, a founder is completing all tasks, no matter how draining and time consuming - from answering the phone to filing financial accounts, building the product to customer support.

At 100% delegation, the founder is completely hands-off. Co-ordination is their primary task. They have access to domain expertise using contractors or service providers. Being so far away from the inner workings of the business brings its own challenges - do they really understand their business?

How do I view my own role?

It's important for me to know how the business works and operates. One factor that allows me to do this is time. I have the time and attention to be so heavily involved.

I know there are significant limits to my knowledge and experience. In these cases, I see my role as being that of a chef - bringing ingredients together to create something that follows the saying: 'The whole is greater than the sum of the parts'. I'll draw on the expertise of specialists when needed, allow them to perform in the way that they know best and execute accordingly.

What do you see your role as? Do you enjoy being hands on or prefer taking a step back?

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