Questions to Stefan #01

This is a post sharing the questions currently whirring around my mind about my own business, Talk to Stefan. Not everything here is at the forefront of my mind, they're dormant thoughts, ready to be activated at the right time.


  • How am I going to get a consistent flow of leads (some of whom will later convert into clients)?
  • What can I do that means I don't have to worry about the above question?
  • Who else has similar clientele but has a non-competitive offering?


  • How can I package my services into distinct products?
  • Time is currently the differentiator between my products. What other dimension could I use?
  • Taking it back to first principles, what do people actually want?
  • Should I have a very narrow offering that solves one specific problem very well or should I go broad?
  • When figuring out what people want, what mechanism or method best allows them to access it?


  • How could Talk to Stefan scale?
  • How do artists scale?
  • Do I need to scale? How does that fit on a personal basis?
  • Would a scaled service be a completely different offering?
  • What are the problems in and around the area I'm working in?
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